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A new coworking space, where home comforts meet hotel living.

The comfy sofas at The Hoxton have been the unofficial workspace of choice since we opened in 2006 and now it’s time to step it up a level.

Say hello to Working From_ with all the practical things you’d expect from a coworking space, but with some lovely Hoxton extras. Expect a desk with a view, service with a smile, and rip off-free rates.

Whaaaat? You didn’t know? The Hoxton is a series of hotels which started in London and is now in Chicago, Paris, New York, Amsterdam and Portland. We’re all about open lobbies and local hustle and bustle, where you can enjoy everything from morning coffee to midnight cocktails.

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Membership tiers

  • Desk Hop

    This is desk surfing. With proper desks, proper chairs and proper good lighting.

    $200 £200

    per person, per month

  • Open Studio

    If you’re looking for a desk that’s fixed, but don’t want to shut out the world, this should do the trick.

    $500 £500 + VAT

    per desk, per month

  • Private Studio

    Like to have your own space? Our Private Studios are closed to help you truly focus.

    $700 £700 + VAT

    per desk, per month

  • Side Hustler

    For those who get their head down after 5:30pm or at the weekend, this is the one for you.

    $75 £75

    per person, per month

  • Day Pass

    If you’re a start-up just on the up, travelling for biz 300 days a year, or only in town for 24 hours, our Day Pass is the way to go.

    Or stop by any of The Hoxton lobbies for free! We've got comfy seats in our lobbies, free Wi-Fi, plenty of device pit stops and affordable food and drink on tap. Treat this house like a hotel, we're into that too.

    $30 £30

    Just turn up on the day

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